Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering Rabbi Jonathan Sandler

Like everyone else, I was shocked and horrified when I heard about the shooting at the Otzar Hatorah school in Toulouse. But when the victims were announced, the shock became even more personal, as I realized that I knew Rabbi Sandler. In December 2010 a group of French teachers came to Yad Vashem in order to participate in a seminar on Holocaust Education organized by the World Jewry Department of the International School for Holocaust Studies. Rabbi Jonathan Sandler z"l was one of a group of teachers from the Otzar Hatorah chain of schools and was representing the Toulouse community. As the seminar went by it was remarkable to observe how discreet and humble Rabbi Sandler was. Without speaking much about himself Rabbi Sandler z"l showed curiosity in asking penetrating questions about Holocaust education. His gentle way of seeking more knowledge illustrated his admirable figure as an educator, giving an example to his surroundings by his mere behavior.
Our department and our school can only be honored and privileged to have hosted Rabbi Sandler within its walls as we keep in memory his personality and goal which was to educate the next generation to act as moral human beings.
-- Yoni Berrous, French Desk, World Jewry Department, International School for Holocaust Studies 

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