Monday, October 18, 2010

Greek Foreign Minister Visited Yad Vashem today

The Foreign Minister of Greece, Dimitris P. Droutsas, visited this morning. He had a special tour of the Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations, the Synagogue at Yad Vashem which showcases Judaica from destroyed synagogues in Europe, and the "Virtues of Memory: Six Decades of Holocaust Survivors' Creativity" exhibition, which features the work of some 300 Holocaust survivors. He was guided in the exhibition by Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg, an art curator at Yad Vashem.

At the conclusion of his visit, the Foreign Minister wrote in the Guest Book,
"As a visitor to Yad Vashem, I was struck by the simplicity and directness of its message. Watching the worst crime ever against humanity so thoughtfully documented, I wholeheartedly commit myself to always remember the millions of innocent victims in the Holocaust and to continuously work for universal respect of human, fundamental human rights. It is my firm conviction that this is our only guarantee against future repeating of our tragic past."

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