Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everything is in Place for tonight’s Meaningful Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony at Yad Vashem

Holocaust Remembrance Day begins tonight, and the Yad Vashem campus has been preparing for this solemn day. Usually thousands of people visit the campus on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and tonight and tomorrow there are many events taking place. Already last week, you could already see the preparations in putting together the main opening event, in Warsaw Ghetto Square. Special lighting on scaffolding has gone up so that there is sufficient lighting (the whole event is shown live on Israel’s TV stations), thousands of chairs are being set up, the torches to be kindled are in place for the Official Ceremony which begins tonight at 8 PM.

You can read about the 6 torchlighters, Holocaust survivors who will each light a torch commemorating the six million.

This year’s theme for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day is The Voice of the Survivors, men and women who in their daily activities and creative endeavors honor the victims and strive to safeguard their memory for coming generations.

Soon after the ceremony finishes, you can watch the entire event on New information has been put up on the website including and educational material is available here and Names for Names Reading Ceremonies.

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